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Africa Business Emails (Package) (EM_AFRI)

Business contact emails from African countries/areas

Email addresses only. Orders including this product accept Cash payment (bank/check/Western union/Money Gram) only!

Product Code: EM_AFRI
Listed Prices: 71.00 USD
You pay: 60.35 USD
Availability: This item usually ships in 24 hours.
Data Format: Open format (CSV or Text)
Export function: Directly, unlimited
Software requirement: Text Editor or MS Access, Database server or CFM software, not included
Download Size: 3 MB
Raw data / Open format: Avaliable in MS Access format for additional fee (71.00 USD)

Unlimited export with Raw data option (MDB Format), + 71.00 USD

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Search by Keywords Open format
Export FunctionCopy & Paste, or Extra MDB file (optional)
Geographical CoverageAfrican Countries/Areas
Fields includedemail
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 16,792
Entries with Website 0
Entries with Email 16,792
Entries with Fax number 0
Entries with Phone number 0

Included countries/categories/areas

South Africa (za)10,659
Egypt (eg)2,491
Nigeria (ng)569
Kenya (ke)433
Morocco (ma)328
Libya (ly)322
Ghana (gh)279
Mauritius (mu)192
Tanzania (tz)180
Tunisia (tn)179
Uganda (ug)128
Namibia (na)110
Sudan (sd)98
Algeria (dz)95
Cameroon (cm)88
Ethiopia (et)85
Zimbabwe (zw)82
Botswana (bw)50
Zambia (zm)42
Seychelles (sc)41
Madagascar (mg)41
Senegal (sn)40
Malawi (mw)30
Guinea (gn)29
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) (ci)29
Angola (ao)25
Liberia (lr)25
Mozambique (mz)25
Togo (tg)19
Sierra Leone (sl)18
Gambia (gm)18
Burkina Faso (bf)17
Congo (cg)15
Benin (bj)10

* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

**The software (directory browser, if included) works under MS Windows 95/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7. However VISTA/7 may require special steps for the installation.

NOTE: Download sizes are estimated and actual sizes may vary; Download option is valid for qualified purchase only and not for all products; Databases are recorded on CD-R or DVD+R/-R media, packaged in slim jewel cases. Raw data files (optional) are in MS Access format (mdb) and usually recorded on the same disc; All CD-ROMs are silk-screen printed with logo.

Want a customized list? * If you are only interested in one or two categories (or states, provinces) of this product, you can check if you can get a customized list and save.

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